Britta Klingenstierna | About
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About me

Welcome to AteljéKonstSmycket.


My name is Britta Klingenstierna and I am a Swedish Artist and Jeweller educated in England at the Kingston Polytechnic/University (foundation year) and Byam Shaw School of Art ( London diploma of art and design L.D.A.D DipBS).


In 1985 I moved to Canada where I Studied Media Experiments at the Ontario Art Collage and participated in studio tours and exhibitions with installations concerning the environment.


In 1989 I moved to Montreal and that is where I studied Jewelry Arts and Silversmithing (Ecole de Joaillerie et Metaux D’Art).


In June 2013 I moved back to Sweden after living 35 yrs abroad and have now opened Atelje KonstSmycket in Baskemölla, Skåne.

My Creative Process

All my jewelry is fabricated by me, by hand and are mostly one of a kind pieces. Some are developed in a series, where one piece will inspire another version or design.


I love to work in silver because it lends itself so many possible variations in surface treatments, textures, forms and combinations with other metals and stones. My gold jewelry is often made to order. For enamelling work I prefer to work with copper.


My main source of inspiration is nature. The abundance of shape, colours, textures are interpreted and applied in new forms onto my metals and canvases.


I also like to study Anthropology and find a lot of inspiration through cultures, clothes, jewelry and sculpture from foreign civilizations.